Remarc Cymru is a collaborative organisation that has been set up to support and work with communities to face the challenges of climate change and build sustainable, resilient and integrated communities. We believe strongly in working towards an energy democratic future where communities produce and distribute the power we use. From working with communities to install renewable energy schemes, anti-fuel poverty projects and setting up schemes to reduce carbon emissions, REMARC works with local groups to help them identify potential projects, get funding and constitute as a legal entity.

Community energy covers a wide range of actions, from saving or reducing our use of energy, to purchasing, managing and generating our own. Our emphasis is very much on projects that involve participatory,  local engagement and benefit to local communities.

What types of community energy projects are out there?

  • Initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of a local area such as car share schemes or house insulation projects
  • Community-owned renewable energy installations
  • Community members switching as a group to a renewable heat source
  • A community trial of smart meters, to raise awareness of energy use

What are the benefits of community energy?

  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves energy security
  • Supports the local economy and creates jobs
  • Keeps the profits generated within the community
  • Re-connects people with how energy is generated and how they consume it
  • Increases public acceptance of renewable energy schemes